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VemaTrack rubbertracks are available in a range from 13 cm (130 mm) to 100 cm (1000 mm) wide. This extensive range of rubbertracks is available for all types of earthmoving machines such as: mini excavators, track dumpers and track loaders. The quality of VemaTrack rubbertracks is equal to that of OEM brands. All VemaTrack rubbertracks contain steel wire. In addition, our huge stock enables us to deliver any rubbertrack quickly.


Sprockets are first cast or forged and then machined, receiving special heat treatment. When steel does not contain sufficient amounts of carbon (carbon), steel becomes brittle in the hardening process. If only the surface is hardened, the sprocket or segment will wear out very quickly over time. The teeth of sprockets are therefore hardened by induction hardening. VemaTrack segment sprockets are precision forged, finishing and hardened under special conditions.

Track Links

VemaTrack supplies chains from pitch 90 to pitch 260. The bushings undergo a special heat treatment that extends the life of the chain. The links are forged and then machined on high-tech CNC machines. This ensures very high accuracy, which is unique in this price range. The selected carbon steel ensures that the steel of the chain does not become brittle due to the heat treatment.

Top & Bottom Rollers

VemaTrack offers a complete range with its rollers for both excavators and bulldozers from 0.8 to 100 tons. We produce all bottom rollers and top rollers based on OEM specifications. The production is finished on high-tech CNC machinery with precision tools, high-grade seals and bronze bushings (bimetal).

Track Shoes

We use high-grade steel for all VemaTrack track shoes, which we harden to 43-47 RC. The combination of the steel quality and the hardening process is the guarantee for high wear resistance. In order to safeguard the quality and to be sure of the required tolerances, we conduct standard batch inspections in the factory.

Rubber Pads

VemaTrack rubber pads are available for the range of 2 to 25 ton excavators. We use Japanese OEM quality rubber. VemaTrack rubber pads are individually vulcanised rubber pads with a metal core. You can easily mount rubber pads onto the chain or track shoes of an excavator or other construction equipment. Just as with conventional steel track shoes. Rubber pads serve as an alternative for steel track shoes in order to prevent damaging the soil. Whereas smaller machines use rubber tracks, larger machines are mounted with rubber pads.


VemaTrack idlers are available for the range of 0.8 to 100 ton. The most recent automated design and manufacturing process guarantees VemaTrack quality. We produce the idlers using selected quality steel alloys and we apply induction hardening for optimal performance in extreme weather conditions. We assemble them using our own designed seals in accordance with the most recent quality standards. We perform the final assembly of the idlers on a specially set-up production line with inspection points to guarantee the quality. For instance, an automatic oil filling system, but also fissure and leak tests.

Tension Devices

The tension device is a combination of a tension spring and a hydraulic track adjuster. The VemaTrack range comprises a wide selection of tension devices for virtually all common excavators. The correct track link tension is crucial for a long service life of the entire undercarriage. VemaTrack tension devices have been designed to absorb shocks and to keep the track link at the correct tension. The spring is tensioned to 60% – 70% of the machine weight.

Track Guards

Track guards guide the track links between the flanges of the bottom rollers. VemaTrack’s range includes track guards for the most common brands in the machine class of 10 to 35 tons. We make these custom to machine specifications, using high grade steel. Track guards ensure that the track link stays within the machine’s tolerances, in order to prevent damage to the rollers and the track link itself. On uneven terrain, there is a high risk that the track link will come out of the roller. A worn track guard may cause damage to the rollers and the track link. We therefore recommend you to never skip the replacing of the track guards when doing an overhaul.

Bucket Teeth and Wear parts

VemaTrack offers a complete range of wear parts: bucket teeth, adapters and locking rings for excavators and loaders. This range is suitable for all types of machine models. VemaTrack offers wear solutions for mining, infrastructure and other challenging industrial wear applications. The combination of the selection of the steel and the design (based on practical research) results in products that are focused on maximum performance and a long service life. All parts have passed the most stringent quality tests. The price/performance ratio sets the standard in the market where demand is constantly growing.

Bolt & Nuts

VemaTrack has a complete range of bolts and nuts available for all brands of excavators and bulldozers. Our bolts and nuts are of excellent quality and can be used in multiple situations. All track bolts and nuts are of quality grade 12.9. Sprockets and roller bolts are of grade 10.9. All bolts and nuts are forged from alloy steel and have been subjected to a special heat treatment in accordance with OEM specifications.

Complete Undercarriages

VemaTrack offers a wide range of undercarriage components for every common brand. We promise the end user that each VemaTrack component is of comparable quality with the original. What is more, with our own R&D department, we are constantly seeking for improvements to our own products based on feedback from practice. So we do not only use the OEM specifications, but we follow our own course, and that is noticed! We will be pleased to give you an overview of our product portfolio.

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